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PET Behavior Training & Education

We Offer Pet First Aid & CPCR Education!

Pet Education and Training

This is training and education designed to fit the needs of the family, and their pets. It's a concept that should benefit everyone in the household - to ensure pets and their people can live in harmony together, free from stress and the unknown!

Pet Behavior Training

We have 30 years of skill, as pet behaviorists and would like to help our clients get the best life possible with their pets. 

Our initial 90min consult for pet behavior training is free, with a purchase of any package. Otherwise we do charge $125 for your initial consult and $180/hr, beyond the initial 90min assessment. 


* In-Home 90-Minute Consultation --

 The best dog training programs are the ones tailored to your specific needs, environments, and circumstances. If your training goals reach beyond basic obedience (see "Behavior Modification" and "Fears/Anxieties and/or Aggression" below), we first require a 90-minute in-home consultation to go over all the finer details and make sure that we address all of your needs individually. 

During the consultation, we will also begin to troubleshoot some of the issues you are having and discuss what you can begin doing right away. Each consultation comes with a tailored training program that will serve as your training guideline as well as a minimum of 30 days' email support. 

Training Packages include all of the above & any of the following:

 * Puppy Consultation (PC-Pack) --

Getting a new puppy is incredibly exciting, yet at the same time can be exhausting and frustrating. This 2-hour consultation gives you everything you need to know, from crucial developmental stages and how to appropriately interact with your new pup to preventing potty accidents, separation anxiety, and naughty behaviors (destructive chewing, biting, demand barking, etc.). In the end, you will have the tools and confidence necessary to raise a well-balanced and well-behaved dog. Ages 8 to 18 weeks.

   * In-Home Private Training - Obedience -- 

Perfect for your juvenile or adolescent pup ages 4 to 12 months (or for any older dog or owner interested in learning something new). This obedience-based training program focuses on the elements we all like our dogs to know -- sit, down, stay, come, loose-leash walking, etc. Rooted in positive, reward-based methods, this program is fun and exciting for both the dog and the owner alike! The basic program comes with five 1-hour sessions, and our advanced program comes with 10 1-hour sessions. 

* In-Home Private Training - Behavior Modification -- 

We all love our dogs, which can make it hard to admit when they misbehave. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a "perfect dog," and knowing when to ask for help will only benefit the lives and well-being of yourself and your canine companion. Following a 90-minute in-home consultation, you will receive a tailored training program based on your goals. This program will act as your guideline as we instruct you on methods of reward-based training, management, prevention, and counter-conditioning. The amount of sessions required varies depending on a multitude of factors, all of which will be determined after the initial consultation. 

* In-Home Private Training - Fears/Anxieties and/or Aggression --

 Similar to the "Behavior Modification" program, a 90-minute, in-home consultation must be set up first. This program includes, but is not limited to, dogs (above 4 months) with separation anxiety, fear of strangers, fear of other dogs, environmental phobia, neophobic behavior, human aggression (both on or off their territory) and dog aggression. Dogs with these behavioral issues can be the hardest to work with and the hardest to own. A dog with fear or aggression issues can dominate a person's life especially if that person is dedicated to his/her dog's needs.  We will instruct you on developing a plan to help the quality of your dog's life and by extension your own. Alongside the skills taught in the "Behavior Modification" program, you will learn methods of management and specialized desensitization and counter-conditioning.

  Because of the intensity of this higher level program, at least 10 private sessions are required. Please take note that although amazing strides can be made in adult dogs with fears and true aggression, there unfortunately is no "cure." Anyone stating otherwise may be misleading you. 

Now...check out our pet emergency education & gain your own certification & training in Pet CPR & First Aid!

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Pet First Aid & CPR Training

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to care for and save your pet, if there ever was an immediate need! 

Our owner, Leanna Gautney, is excited to announce this year, that she has began the process of becoming a certified Instructor of Pet First Aid & CPR Certification. Our training program is built through ongoing certification under the Nationally recognized FEMA Pet Emergency program & world-renowned Pet trainer Denise Fleck; Pet Emergency Education advocate; Pet CPR & First Aid Training program creator, developer and owner of Sunny-Dog Inc. 

Pet Emergency Education is an international knowledge that can be a significant and impactful training, or fundamentally taught on a smaller scale. 

Ms. Denise Fleck has developed an in-depth Training course and prepared materials which have been distributed and trained, worldwide. She has partnered with dozens of animal and veterinary organizations throughout the world to offer a high quality Animal CPR, First Aid and Emergency Certification Program, which we also teach now!

As an Instructor, I am equipped as an animal professional, with experience in emergency management and also certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Animal Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response. 

I have gained extensive experience working with animal emergencies and pet behavior. As a pet professional and business owner, I have cared for hundreds of animals over the last 15 years. I'm ready to share this knowledge with you!

To register for classes with us in the future, we will allow the opportunity to sign up for courses available through our CCPS Events page. We will announce upcoming classes quarterly, here on our website. 

We are also looking for HOST SITES for groups of 6-25, for business owners who would like to arrange for personal training in their location. We will handle all registrations, and provide a free training experience & certification to the host.

In the meantime - for more details on the program, information & resource materials, please check out Sunny-Dog Inc. & their Pet Emergency website at 


All classes are 3 hours in duration, standard registration fee is $60.00 per person, all registrations come with: 

  • 1 wallet card
  • Pet First Aid pocket guide (Dog or Cat)
  • an official certificate of completion 
  • a 2 year of email consulting access to me, with any questions on Pet Emergency & Animal Emergency Resources
  • an optional Ebook (view only, cannot be printed) of our full color class Pet Safety Bible reference guide*. Printed copies of the book may also be purchased with our discount online through Sunny-Dog Inc.
  • Businesses, organizations and other groups may request a professional, frameable certificate and window decal, to hang in their place of business to promote that their staff/members have been trained in animal CPR and first aid.

These certifications are recognized by local and national animal and veterinary organizations, pet industry businesses & employers, animal welfare organizations, Pet disaster response teams and more. 

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