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CCPS Petsitters Give us the FAQs

FAQ Page

Petsitting Questions Answered

What kind of animals do you care for?

Although we primarily focus on dogs and cats, we love and care for all creatures whether furry, feathery or leathery. We’re meticulous about lovingly caring for your pets, and if we need to learn about a particular species, we will fastidiously do our homework, consult with experts, note any special care requirements and follow your specific instructions to the letter.

Do you screen out particular breeds of dogs to walk?

Absolutely not! All of our Pet Sitters are experienced professional dog walkers and pet sitters or dedicated dog walking volunteers at the local shelter. So we have a tremendous amount of experience walking and working with all types of dogs.

Our owner, Leanna, has worked with Behavior and Animal Training and has run this company, pet sitting for a variety of domestic and farm animals, for the last 12 years. She also has a combined knowledge, through years working with farm animals and a variety of dog breeds through the animal shelters, and in several cities across the country while raising a military family. With her background, knowledge, and experience, we have access to tackle any concern with any breed.

One of our Pet Sitters has been a Vet Tech for several years in Sheridan, Oregon. Three have been with CCPS since its inception. Another two spend time volunteering for Homeward Bound and Animal Shelters in the area.  Caring for the rescued dogs such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc., is something we collectively have experience in. 

So yes, we’re comfortable handling all breeds of dogs!

What do you require from my dog?

Your dog is required to wear a collar with an ID tag with your cell phone number. Not required, but recommend, is a registered microchip implant to reunite you with your pet if he or she gets lost and the collar goes missing.

We need written verification that your dog is current with their rabies shots and DHLPP (five-in-one) vaccination. If your dog attends group training or is boarded in a kennel, we recommend the Bordetella (a kennel cough) vaccine. 

We also require that your dog be people-friendly, particularly to their Pet Sitter. If your service package includes taking your dog to your local off-leash dog park, her/she must be manageable and must be trained to come when called off leash. In addition, you must sign a CCPS dog walk and liability release form.

What do you require from my cat?

If your cat is an “indoor/outdoor cat,” they are required to wear a collar with an ID tag with your cell phone number. 

Not required, but recommend, is a registered microchip implant to reunite you with your pet if they get lost and the collar goes missing.

We need to see written verification that your indoor/outdoor cat is current with their rabies and FeLV (feline leukemia) and FVRCPC (four-in-one) vaccinations. If your cat is solely indoors we prefer verification of a rabies vaccination, at a minimum.

If your cat needs medications, we require that your indoor/outdoor cat remain indoors for the duration of our service agreement. 

Although we recommend that your cat stays indoors for a longer, healthier life. If he/she does go outside, your Pet Sitter is not required to find the cat when they visit, but we will attend to other contracted needs in your home.

Do you administer medication to pets?

Yes, we administer medication per your detailed directions, with an optional pet meds addendum which advises your Vet of our involvement, as well. Pills, drops, creams, injections and Sub-Q fluids are administered at no additional charge to you. However, if we need to administer medications at a specific time OR before or after our service hours (M-Su 8am-7pm), we do add a nominal fee to your service package. Sorry, but we do not administer intravenous medication.

Why is it important that my animal care provider’s company be licensed, insured and bonded?

Country Critters Pet Sitters is a professional business, licensed in the State of Oregon, which means we pay taxes and must follow business ethics and legal requirements.

We also carry specific pet sitters' commercial liability Pet Care Insurance, which covers bodily injury or property damage; loss, injury or death of your animal or the involved animal; limited emergency veterinary care, and lost key replacement. CCPS is only responsible for costs caused by our negligence.

We also have an expanded bonded policy, which means we are covered if any employee of CCPS is convicted due to a dishonest act (standard bonding) or if we’re at fault for negligent acts by one of our Pet Sitters in your home (expanded bonding).

All of these important business policies, insurance, and licenses guarantee that you are working with a professional business with strict ethics, principles, and values. Please request a copy of our licenses and policies if you want more details and/or insurance coverage.

What will CCPS do if my pet suffers an acute illness or is injured while I am away?

During our initial consultation, we will document your pet’s medical issues and medications and, during our visits, to the best of our ability, look for any symptoms of illness. However, we are not trained veterinarians and cannot diagnose or treat any illness. We will note and/or act upon any visible changes and call our on-call Vet Tech, you and your vet for next steps.

We will contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss treatment if your pet displays signs of acute distress. If unable to reach you, we’ll contact your preferred veterinary clinic or emergency hospital and continue to try contacting you to discuss treatment and payment arrangements. CCPS is only responsible for costs caused by our negligence.

If your pet is hurt, injured or bites another animal or person under our care, we will contact you or your emergency number immediately and bring your pet to the vet or emergency hospital if needed. CCPS is only responsible for costs caused by our negligence.

FAQs - On Scheduling

What is your service area?

We’re based in McMinnville, Oregon and serve a 15-mile radius from our Home Office, which includes all of Lafayette, Dundee, Carlton, and parts of Newberg and Sheridan.

We’re happy to discuss services with you if you’re outside this radius, but in order to cover our costs and time commitments, we charge a $1.00 additional per mile fee over the 15-mile service area for just one way to your home. Please contact us and we’ll discuss your needs.

Do you provide service in my home or yours?

Animals, (especially cats), tend to get somewhat stressed by a change in routine and location, so the benefit of partnering with us allows your pets to stay in their home and to maintain their regular eating patterns and sleeping spots. This keeps your pet happy and stress-free, and you can come home to a happy and “poop-free” home!

At this time, we do not offer boarding in our homes, but can offer overnight care in yours, on a case-by-case basis.

Can I schedule specific times of day for petsits?

Absolutely! CCPS has set time blocks - so it, of course, we can't guarantee an exact time. Our clients are mapped out, based on their reservation and their GPS location. 

This allows our petsitters the ability to schedule visits based on times requested by clients and the petsitter's route and available schedule. This also allows us to provide care as close as possible to the regular routine for your pet(s).

CCPS Time Blocks: 

  • Early Morning - 5am-8am 
  • Morning - 8am-11am 
  • Afternoon - noon - 4pm 
  • Evening - 4pm-8pm 
  • Late evening - 8pm - 11pm

How do I get in contact with you or to sign up as a client?

Please call CCPS (Mon-Sat from 9 am – 5 pm), book on our website, through our dedicated client app, or send an email to

Use our contact form to schedule a free consultation, if you are not an existing CCPS client or to make any additional inquiries not addressed on this website.  

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FAQs Continued...More Pet Sitting Questions

FAQs - Service Contracts & Payments

What does the free initial consultation include? Our initial consultation with you is very important for us all. We’ll come to your home and meet with you and your pets, discuss their routine and needs, and address any medical issues and walking concerns.  We will review the services that we offer and discuss any customization you desire that we’re able to provide. 

In addition, our policies, procedures, and the contract will be discussed. Your pet sitting questions will be addressed also at this time. We’ll document reservation dates, times, and procedures you want us to follow for the services you request.  

This consultation is complimentary and essential to assure that we’re both fully informed and comfortable with our partnership. Ultimately, we plan for a long-term, enjoyable relationship with both you and your pet, to ensure quality care when you're not there.  After your initial consult, any visit we make will have charges applied. Phone calls and email follow-ups are always free!  Please visit our Initial Pet Consult link in the Menu bar, to learn more! 

What paperwork/documents are required? After we get all the information we need from you during the free initial consultation, we give you copies of everything you have signed.   

Your contract includes:  

  • Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Service Agreement – this gives us permission to enter your home with your key and perform the services that are required during the specific time period discussed. 
  • It includes the formal price quote which is paid by you, in advance of your departure.  
  • Client Information – includes your information (cell and work numbers), 
  • local emergency contact person and phone number, 
  • details about your home, alarm (if applicable), and the name and number of others who may be in your home during our visit.  
  • Pet Information – specific information about each pet, including their description, age, breed, feeding and medication needs, confinement 
  • Any precautions we need to be aware of during our visit.
  • Veterinarian Release – allows CCPS to take your pet to your vet or emergency hospital if the need arises during our visit. 
  • We also ask that you contact your vet to advise them of your trip and to alert them that CCPS is authorized to treat your pet or administer meds, if necessary.  (optional) 
  • Dog Walk Intake Release Form – our Pet Sitters are trained to observe dog body language during a dog park visit and curtail any incident before it may arise. However, if an incident with another dog or human arises during our visit that we could not avoid, this form releases CCPS from any liability that was not foreseen.  

Can I be assured of the samePet Sitter each time? We prefer to arrange for the same Pet Sitter be assigned to you for each visit. If your Petsitter is not available for any reason, a fully informed alternate or the Owner will come in their place.  Depending on your care contract, you may have two regular Animal Care Companions for your services. If you require, we will introduce you to your Animal Care Companions. 

For Overnight visits, you will meet the Animal Care Companion in advance of your departure. All Portland Mutt Strut Animal Care Companions display identification at all times. All Portland Mutt Strut Animal Care Companions are covered by our liability and bonding insurance at all times.  

How does my Pet Sitter get into my home? Once a contract is signed, we will obtain keys from you – this is kept and used by your Pet sitter while services are rendered. At the close of your services, all keys are returned for a nominal fee, if required. Subsequent visits will require key pick-up/delivery fees.

  • If you sign up for our KeyKeepers program, your keys will have a coded label and be kept in our home office when visits are not being conducted. 
  • Your Pet Sitter will not have to pick-up or return keys to you and any subsequent visits can be easily arranged, without the added service fees. There is a one-time setup for this service.
  • Keys will always be kept in a secure location at all times and your address is never with your key.
  • In the event that we lose your key, our liability insurance will cover re-keying your home.

The contract outlines your home’s security access requirements, including alarm systems and codes. We’ll need your security codes in order to prevent setting off an alarm upon our entry and to re-secure the home when we leave. As with your keys, this confidential information will be kept safe and secure in our Home Office.

Do you offer longer term pet sitting contracts at a discounted rate?

Yes, we do! At our initial consultation, we’ll determine your specific needs and, if appropriate, discount our rates accordingly.

In addition, if at any time you book ten (20) or more visits during a trip, we will discount the rest. If you book a full month of walks and pay in advance, you will be discounted for all walks reserved. 

Please review our Rates/Policies page for details.

Do you have a Referral Program where I can benefit and how do I sign up?

We’re pleased to offer our clients a free visit (up to $20 in value) when you refer one of your family, friends, work colleagues, or neighbors to Country Critters Pet Sitters. If they contract and pay to use our services, and complete a pet-sit, we will credit your account.

The more clients you refer, the more visits you earn. You’re automatically entered into this program when you sign up with CCPS. We believe our business success is based on referrals and quality of service!

How and when do I pay you?

All charges are paid by you in advance of services rendered via cash, check (preferred) or charge. 

  • Mid-day Dog Walks are paid for in advance, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.
  • For new clients, for your first vacation visits, we require full payment at time of booking and the  There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. 
  • For existing clients, your Pet Sitter can pick-up your check in your designated location, on their first visit, or you can pay using the paypal link in your invoice or can request a square invoice. 
  • If you are leaving cash, we ask that you include a note and advise your petsitter it is being left for them - or they will not take it and we will need to contact you. 
  • Existing clients can book anytime, but all visits are to be paid in full by the first visit.

May I give my Pet Sitter a gratuity?
Yes, and they will certainly appreciate it! We ask that you leave cash or check (written out to them) as gratuity. This should be sealed in an envelope with their name on it, to be picked up when service is provided. We don’t want any misunderstanding of what may or may not be intended for them, so please make sure you let them know you are leaving something for them. 

You are also welcome to mail in a check, send payment online or leave gratuity for your petsitter, in our drop-box at home office.

We are happy to answer any further questions via our contact page. All your questions can be answered more immediately with a phone call too. We look forward to serving you & your pets!

CCPS Petsitters care for backyard farms too

CCPS Petsitters care for backyard farms too