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Dog Walking

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Mid-Day Walks....

Dog Walking - Country Critters Pet Sitters provides mid-day dog walking in Mcminnville and Yamhill county.

We understand that busy professionals, parents at school or events, seniors running errands, and anyone at appointments or attending social events .....can't always make it home mid-day to walk rover or give a potty break to their pet. 

Hiring a dependable dog walking expert from Country Critters Pet Sitters, can help reduce your stress and worry about your pet being home alone.

Mid-day walks help REDUCE ANXIETY in your Dog too!

Scheduled Dog Walks mean your pet doesn’t have to remain alone in your home for endless hours ...and you get to continue with your day uninterrupted.

Decide how much time your animal needs outside,and take a 15-30-45 or 60 minute journey provided by one of our CCPS Pet Sitters.

Our Walk Options Include:

  • A Certified Pet Sitter, Treats, Water, Play, Health and Sanitation for each dog walked. 
  • We can walk in your neighborhood or one in walking distance, as it is usually the territory most familiar to your dog. 
  • We dry/clean off paws after each walk before re-entering your home.
  • A texted photo on our walk is an option we can also include. 

Quick Stop Potty Break:
• 15min potty break outside and a bit of fresh air - $18 ea

GOOD DOG - 30-Minute Services:
• One to Two Walks per Week - $20 ea

BETTER BARK - 45-Minute Services:
• One to Two Walks per Week - $25 ea

ATTA BOY - 60-Minute Services:
• One to Two Walks per Week - $30 ea

• One to Two Walks per Week - $50 ea

Licensed, bonded, & insured dog walking pet sitting professionals.​ We Offer FREE Consultations Too!

Additional Fees:
To add an additional dog to any walk service, we charge a low $5 per dog. We offer convenient walks on the weekends and holidays too, for an extra $5 per walk.

Optional Advanced Booking Discounts:
Book and pre-pay 30days to receive discounted services. We also have a 20/20 discount pre-paid program.....ask for more details

Advanced Payment Required:

All walks are typically booked by the week or month. Full Payment is required prior to beginning any scheduled visits.

Cancellation Policy:
We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If services are not cancelled within that time, you are charged the full rate.

Holiday Fees, Schedules & Cancellations

​We charge the same 1.5x holiday rate for dog walking. We also have a 2-week scheduling & cancellation policy over holiday. A cancellation fee is applied for any services cancelled over a holiday. If services are not cancelled within the allotted time, you are charged the full rate.

CCPS Dog Walking

CCPS Dog Walking